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searchAs a former journalist, CM2 Marketing’s CEO, Lisa Whitley Coleman enjoys research.  Digging into areas of interest is second nature for her.   Oh sure – anyone can do Google searches but, sometimes, you need someone who thinks strategically and can find a path even when the trail is not clear.

And, organization is important too.  What use is a bunch of data/information if it’s not easily understood?  During her time at Texas Lawyer, Lisa was responsible for surveying law firms across the state of Texas.  She collected hundreds of responses, analyzed the data thoroughly and wrote insightful news stories based on those results.

There’s also the time factor to consider.  Let’s face it – research is time consuming, and boring for many people, unless you’re one of us geeks who enjoy research.

When you need research quickly, consider hiring our resident research geek pro – Lisa Whitley Coleman.

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