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Which came first? The chicken or the egg? It’s an age-old question. The reason the answer is unclear is because neither the chicken or the egg had a marketing team to advocate its superior position. When you want to be first, you have to market your position. CM2 Marketing delivers double the creativity and double the effort to increase your exposure “eggsponentially.”

One of the main reasons given for not having a marketing plan and active marketing efforts is a lack of business to fund those efforts. Your successful competitors are hiring marketing consultants and launching business development plans. Don’t get left behind. Without a plan, your company is committing Random Acts of Marketing.  RAMs are one of the biggest drains on your budget and resources.  Contact CMtoday for a free consultation to get started developing your plan.  Let CM2 take your earnings to the next level.


Event Planning and Catering Services

CM2 Marketing is excited to announce it is expanding its Event Planning services to include our own catering services.  Stay tuned for more information!  Follow this link to see some of our past events.

Intelligence du Jour

Do you have an important meeting and quickly need some competitive intelligence? CM2 can provide company briefs containing a company summary, annual reports from public companies, and links to news stories and publicized legal cases.  We will also closely monitor and regularly report on the activities of your competitors, clients and prospective clients. Click here to complete the Intelligence du Jour form to order your competitive intelligence.

We Must Be Crazy

Spend an hour with us and we will return an in-depth review of your current marketing/business development efforts along with customized suggestions about some activities you may wish to explore in order to increase your revenue and client base. This  analysis contains approximately 20 pages of information that provides a great starting point for your business development plan. What’s the catch?  We ask that you consider hiring us for any portions of the plan that you will outsource.

Event Planning

Corporate Events – we are experts at making events magical.


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Your story is unique; let your clients know.


Business Development

Successful plans must be built.

Social Media

Connect with today’s savvy social media consumer.



Make your mark – our team has designed hundreds of unique corporate logos.


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