Law Firm Marketing Functions: A Forensic Review

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Marketing Functions Examined


Is it time to build up your marketing team?  Do you understand the different purposes of marketing functions?  For example, many people don’t understand the distinction between marketing and business development.  The following article by Susan Van Dyke published on the Canadian Bar Association’s website explains that the marketing function serves to funnel qualified leads into the potential client pipeline while business developers function to close the sale and turn qualified leads into client.

The article also discusses rules of thumb for the proper ratio of marketers to attorneys. It examines the role of marketing in small firms and how to stretch resources.  “Even in firms of fewer than 15 lawyers, a self-motivated marketing coordinator with one to three years’ experience at a salary of $35,000 to $45,000 will more than pay for him or herself with the savings in billable time,” according to Van Dyke. And, for those who aren’t ready to invest in a full-time marketing role, your needs can easily be filled through the use of contract marketers.  Seasoned marketing consultants can accomplish strategic and tactile marketing/business development tasks more efficiently than beginning marketers.  Additionally, their experience provides their clients access to high-level strategies and functions that would otherwise be financially out of reach for smaller firms.

Van Dyke also reinforces a message I have repeatedly blogged about – you must have a marketing plan in place to direct your efforts.  Your plan is your road map and should include goals that can be tracked and measured.  Marketers have a wealth of information about ROI at their disposal that can be used to easily justify the worth of investing in marketing functions to increase revenue through new and existing clients.

Lastly, the article provides in-depth descriptions for the various roles and job titles within the marketing department. Va Dyke provides an intense analysis of the importance of marketing and tips for making the best use f the marketing function within the legal industry.  Read Law Firm Marketing Functions: A Forensic Review here.

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